July Expectations!!

hello july

My expectations and goals for July are simple, I am currently 2.5lb from reaching a total loss of 4 stone which is amazing and to think I have got this far makes me want to strive higher and higher. It is not always easy on a weight-loss Journey and sometimes life can get in the way. My feelings for May and June are just this. I know myself I wasn’t giving 100% to plan every week, while I may have been 100% during the week my downfall was the weekend or mainly Sundays, which I am sure everyone finds from time to time. I think its the fact that its summer, the weather is fab, we are eating outside more and the temptations are there.

This week I made the decision I needed to make a change, as I could see clearly how I was falling into old patterns and not caring what I ate on the weekends, especially when my family and I gather for our Sunday fun-day. But it is always about the choices you make and my weight-loss Journey is not some faddy diet it is a lifestyle change, it is all about finding balance ‘The ying and yang’.

So this week saw me with a loss of 2lbs when I weighed in on Monday, which of course I was so thrilled with. I now have a total of 53.5lbs lost or 3st 11.5lbs. It actually still amazes me to be writing these figures eek!

So my July goals are to eat clean, exercise 5 times per week, drink at least 4 litres of water per day and make better food choices when faced with situations that are out of my control. I have a new fitness plan which was specially devised for me by a friend who is a fitness instructor, to help strengthen my lower back, stomach muscles after giving birth and to tone my arms and legs. It is a tough routine but nothing I cant handle. I did my first run through with her, then I did another with my sister on Sunday (me working out on a Sunday!! who new) and today was my first time on my own. I absolutely loved it, it took me 20 minutes to do the toning and cardio and then I said ‘Hey’ I’m feeling good, lets do another 20 minutes and see how I go. So out I got my home cross trainer gadget and did a full 20 minute workout while listening to some music while my little doggy ran around my feet. I am very proud of myself to say the least.

I am currently working on a new post which is based around Summer and Weekend survival , for all of you that are finding the beautiful weather a demon in disguise! And of course some very tasty recipes, which are the most favourite part of my day, week and Journey. I hope you all have a fabulous week and remember always its not just the weight you loose, its the life you gain! And don’t forget you can also follow my Journey on Instagram @nikkis_sw_journey and on Twitter @nikkibops.

5 thoughts on “July Expectations!!

  1. Loving following your journey the last few months and making a wonderful friend in the process! You are such an amazing person and so supportive and a true inspiration! Plus โ€“ Nic, your blog is awesome!!! Such a fantastic way to bring it โ˜บ. Iโ€™m so thrilled for you and wish you every success with your journey and everything else too, you are KICKING ASS lady!!! Xxxxx #pompoms ๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜™
    Em xxx

    1. Thank you hunni bun, you are always there with your ‘Pompoms’ whether it be a good or a bad week, so for that I am truly grateful and you a a wonderful friend to too, I cannot wait to meet up with you in few weeks!! Have a fab week babe. xxx

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