Modelling?? & To Syn or Not To Syn!!

I guess I have lacked in my duties of a Healthy lifestyle/food blogger the last week or so, but I have literally just been having the best time. Of course I have been 90/100% on plan food wise, but so much has happened that I never even thought possible!!

Firstly two weeks ago my consultant at my slimming club announced a competition on Facebook for tickets to a local Pampering night which was held to raise funds for the local Gaa club. The rules were to nominate the person or yourself , who you felt deserved a night out for themselves. Of course the nominations started to flood in and I couldn’t believe that my name was among all of these beautiful deserving ladies. The winners were announced the next day and I had won along with two of my other fellow members from the same class, Aniek and Lorraine. I was actually in shock as I never win anything, but it was felt that I deserved it? Things like that have never happened to me before I was always the one left last in school to be picked for games (most likely because I was the slowest) but how and ever I took it very gratefully and of course looked forward to my Friday night out on my own for a change.


When Friday came around, I was so excited to receive a text from my consultant to say we were going to be hair models and she would like me to be the makeup model on the night for bringing so much to the class. Firstly I was gobsmacked, then I thought whoo I don’t have to do my hair and makeup and thirdly I was like I have to walk into a room of women with no makeup on!! I instantly went to search for some form of head wear to cover my naked face but after 20 minutes of searching I came to the conclusion that a head piece for a recent wedding I was at just wouldn’t do and would look completely ridiculous,  it wouldn’t be the first time but how and ever. But look we had a fabulous night, filled with Wine and laughs and it was just such a nice treat to have a night out to myself with new friends and get the chance to actually do some very amateur modelling. I do believe I am also featuring in this weeks local newspaper!

hair  aniek  lorraine

My hair was done by Sissor sisters hairdressers in Athy Co.Kildare. And my makeup was done by freelance makeup arist with urban decay Leonie O Keeffe.

I spoke before about feeling like I was reading another persons journey in a magazine before, and the past two weeks have kind of just been that.  The feedback and absolutely amazing support I have had from Family and friends on Facebook and people I have never even met from my Instagram account, its a very surreal thing to read or hear when people comment and say what an inspiration I am, I look amazing and I have given them the motivation to rejoin a slimming group or just trying to have a healthier lifestyle. I am still me ‘Nic’, who would talk the hind legs off a donkey and loves to have a laugh. But saying that I do feel different, and it is hard when people come up to me that I wouldn’t have seen in long time and they tell me how different i look and how fantastic i am, it actually makes me giggle evening as I type because I still don’t really see to be honest, I can in pictures of course but not looking in the mirror because I have a mirror image embedded in my mind of what i used to look like. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it is a confidence issue because even at 22 stone I still thought I was fabulous 😉 well I like to tell myself that anyway! So I came to conclusion, I am just becoming a better, healthier, happier version of the old me, which I am liking very much.

bbq 4

Since my last update two weeks ago when I received my 4 stone award I have lost a further 2 pounds, 1/2 lb last week and 1 1/2 lbs this week. I wont lie I would have liked to loose more but that is what you have to take when you enjoy yourself, let loose and have a few drinks, which gets me to my point of “to syn or not to syn” Syn meaning Synergy in my slimming terminology. I didn’t begin this weight loss journey to be on diet the rest of my life, this is a complete lifestyle overhaul and don’t get me wrong I love a night out like anyone else but you cannot expect to loose weight and be healthier drinking every weekend. Alcohol has so many calories, and I love to indulge in a nice bottle of beer which is laced with them unfortunately. With it been summer and the temptations of BBQ’s and sitting outside in the evening, you see other people enjoying a beverage of course you want one too. So I had my few tipples and enjoyed them, my weight loss may have suffered a tad but I still lost weight and I didn’t take two steps backwards. But my point is this, once you are 100% on plan food wise then it is so achievable to have a few drinks, enjoy yourself and still loose weight. The tipping point has come up in quite a few conversations lately and I know all too well how easy it is to pop into the Chip shop after the Pub or ring your local takeaway the day after the night before! So that is why in my previous post I have come up with my quick and easy ‘Chinese style Chicken Curry’ it can be prepared earlier that day to reheat when you get home or for the next day when the last thing on your mind is cooking.

I hope you all have a fantastic Bank Holiday weekend, I am heading away to the sunny southeast so no doubt a few tipples will be had. but enjoy yourself, life is for living and if you can make the best choices where possible.


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