‘Sunshine Memories’


Clonea Beach Dungarvan Co.Waterford.

As you all know I was away for the Bank Holiday weekend. We had a fabulous Sunshine filled time and it was such a lovely break away from the normal weekend routine. We went to Dungarvan in Co.Waterford, it has been a family haunt for years, back when we toured around in our little Caravan with Mam and Dad, many the fight was had in that. I cannot wait until Scott is old enough to bring camping I absolutely love it and the memories we have will always be priceless. He was a little young this year so we stayed in a lovely quaint B&B ‘St.Anthonys’ on the Clonea road in Dungarvan, ran by a lovely woman Kay who most kindly accommodated my healthy eating plan and cooked me a tasty hot breakfast each morning which I thoroughly enjoyed and really appreciated. But this was about the healthiest thing I had to eat all weekend unfortunately. I was very bold and if you follow my facebook page or Instagram account ‘Thenakedblondie’ you will have seen I had a 2lb gain when I weighed myself on Tuesday morning. It is obviously not an official weigh in but I needed to know where I stood for my own mental state and I needed to know what I had to work towards for my weigh in on Monday next week. Fingers crossed the gain will be gone and I can move on from it then.

Over the weekend I had a fantastic experience, I got to meet one of my followers from my Instagram account, this girl really inspired me when I joined back in January and we have constantly kept in contact since then. So on Saturday I met the lovely Emma, for a cheeky syn full afternoon tea and what can I say other than she was the most lovely, witty, hilarious and beautiful person inside and out, we just clicked immediately. I have truly made a friend for life. We both agreed it was an odd and weird experience meeting someone for the first time having only ever spoke on Instagram but I am so thankful we did. It is experiences like these that have opened up my life completely because of my slimming world journey, things I would have never have done before, including writing my blog and finally having the confidence to share my food and recipes with you all. I am a different person for it and my god how thankful am I for taking those steps through the doors of Slimming world on a wet horrible evening back in January.


To have only been away for a few days and maybe not being on plan as much as I would have liked, the memories I have made with my little family, all of the money in the world could not replace those. I am very blessed and lucky to have such a wonderful family, without their support I would not be as far as I am now. Scott loved it all of course being his nosy self as usual, he loved having his hero his granddad with him 24/7, which is actually the cutest thing ever watching the two of them interact, no one else matters when Scott and granddad are off chasing ‘Bumble Bees’. From chasing the Bumbles and playing in the sand, to taking his first little steps in the wide Atlantic ocean, I will honestly treasure this weekend for the rest of my life.


Nothing else matters, work, money, bills, life is too short for worry. Please remember always that ‘Happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time, Its about loving what you have and being grateful for it.’ Have a fabulous week guys and Dolls! As always thank you for your continued support.


scott and grandad  sea


scott in th sea

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  1. missdustybin says:

    Omg!!! I’m featured in your blog!!!! 😊😊😊 Aw Nic, finally meeting you was a major highlight of my year and SW journey, you are beautiful in every way and so kind, funny and supportive – and a chatterbox like me 😄.. loved that afternoon and I dare say we will have many more for sure 👍. Your blog is wonderful, keep it up my dear, fab pics too xxxx #pompoms

    1. nakedblondie says:

      Aww thank you babe, #pompoms all the way from now on we will both get there I know hiw much we both want it and we will do it!! So now you #famous how does it feel?? lol lol I can’t wait for our next adventure xxx

  2. sabrina says:

    go nic ur an inspiration so proud of you. scott is just too cute talk soon x

    1. nakedblondie says:

      Aww thank you so much sab, lol he really is! Biased Mammy alert! Chat to you soon hun xxx

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