Woman of the Year 2014


Where do I even begin, the last week has just been amazing. On Monday the 14th I lost 4lbs and received my 4.5 stone award, I was so overjoyed that I had got that far in 30 weeks especially after having a sin full weekend the week before. Last Friday I received a call from my Slimming world consultant Siobhan to say that I had been nominated for The Woman of the Year awards at my 3.30 group. I was honestly so so shocked, nerves then set in that I had to prepare a speech and stand up in front of the whole group and tell my story.

It is a hard thing to do especially when its your story and is personal to you. These are things you keep close to your heart and for me it was a very emotional thing to do to put all of that out there. I cried when I wrote it, I cried again when I read it to myself and thought ok Nic you have it all out of your system now, get up and stand proud. Monday came around and I was a bag of nerves. Our consultant called the 4 nominees up to the top of the room and so it all began. We heard all the fabulous stories from each brave woman and it was such an inspiring, motivational time. I may as well have been standing up there in my knickers for everyone to see, I was that nervous but I got through it with a few tears of course.

I am not not a person who gets emotional in public but this was honestly such an honor for me to be standing up there as a nominee, I felt as if I had already won because I am real, this is me and my story. I have always given up, let things slide and carry on eating until the next next time someone dragged me to a slimming class. i have always just existed, this is the first time in my life that I feel like I am truly living. That may sound melodramatic but there I was at the age of 27 having never been able to buy clothes in a high street store, going out on nights out and trying to ignore the whispering and stars from ignorant people. I am a strong headed person and pushed it all to the back of mind and would always say well Karma is bitch but it did get to me and upset me and I still remember ever single word. Shame on me. Things like that don’t just leave you but you have to remember that those people are not perfect either and obviously had their own issues.

When all of the speeches were over, our class was given the chance to vote for who they felt was their woman of the year, who inspired or motivated them on there own Journey or who they felt that if they needed help they could go to this person and they could answer their question. We proudly stood, Clodagh, Geraldinee, Alice and I anxiously awaiting. I was so thrilled to have the opportunity be standing there with these inspirational woman, in front of my class, my mother, sister, aunt and my precious little man Scott. It never really dawned on me I would win, I have always expected or have been used to someone else winning that I was just so so shocked when my named was announced. To top it all off my consultant organised for a singer songwriter to perform a song she had wrote especially for Woman of the year awards this year. She is the incredibly talented young woman Lydia Perry, you can listen to the full song on my Facebook Page Thenakedblondie, you can also find Lydia on Facebook, Instagram or on her Utube channel.  I still don’t believe it, but I am so proud of myself for all that I achieved in the last 31 weeks. I started this Journey with no hopes or aspirations and look at me now.” Woman of the year 2014″ Hard work, dedication and belief in myself has got me to where I am, anyone can just talk the talk and that was me all my life, now I walk the walk too.  Below is my speech for you all to read, I hope you all enjoy it, have a fabulous week! Tissues at the ready!! 🙂

“My Speech”

“Before I start, I would like to thank you all for nominating me for the woman of the year finals, I am truly overwhelmed and to be honest still in shock since Siobhan called me Friday. I am only here a few short months and to be thought so highly of and to think that I may have inspired or helped someone along their journey makes me feel thoroughly honored to be standing here today and you will honestly never know how much it means to me.  Siobhan my god where would we be without seeing your beautiful face every Monday, you are there 24/7 to support and help us in any way you can. You mean so much to this community, you have changed my life and the lives of so many people. You doll should be receiving the consultant of the year award.

Secondly I would like to congratulate my fellow nominees, how lucky are we?? You are all such inspirations to me and to the whole 3.30 group, and you all deserve so much to be standing here today with your heads held high and proud of all that you have achieved along your journeys. And I think you all deserve a huge whoop whoop and round of applause.

Me?? I joined slimming word Athy on the 13th of January this year, for the 3rd time with no hopes or aspirations of how I would do this time. I walked through the doors thinking well I am in now I suppose I will give it a go again. I really thought in the back of my mind how long will you last this time Nic?? The Nic who always gave up! I have joined and re-joined so many slimming clubs over the years, tried every diet under the sun, taken the pills, blended the fruit, wore the Bridget Jones knickers, worn them well at this stage, you name it I have tried it. But all joking aside, I knew I needed to do this once and for all for me and for my little family.

On the 17th of September last year I gave birth to the most beautiful little boy Scott, he was perfect from the tips of his fingers right to his little toes and had the most beautiful big blue eyes. Before he was born I was adamant he would not grow up with an unhealthy diet and I promised myself that. But after he was born of course I dropped a few pounds and felt great as you do after carrying around an 8lb baby. But the weight soon started to pile back on and I ate more and more to comfort myself. Last year was the best year of my life, but I also felt at an all-time low. What should have been the best and most elated time of my life, it was also the darkest 3 months of my life. I couldn’t bring myself to walk outside the door with a beautiful new buggy and proudly show off my new bundle of joy, because I was so embarrassed of who I had become.

In December I was nosing through my news feed on facebook, (most likely parked on the couch) and up pops the fabulous Clodagh, on her holidays in Australia, looking absolutely stunning and having the time of her life. But what struck me most was here she was climbing the Sydney Bridge and I couldn’t even climb the stairs to carry my son to bed. I knew I had to change my life like she did, and I know I tell her enough but without her support and constant daily check-ins with me I wouldn’t be as far as I am today. You will truly never know Clodagh how much the last 8 months has meant to me, and you are my woman of the year.

At Christmas last year I was barely fitting into a size 26 clothes, my blood pressure was high and I had gestational Diabetes when I was pregnant. I didn’t want to shorten my time with my son, I wanted a life for us and I wanted to be able to run around with him and not watch from the sidelines.

So I did just that, I joined on the 13th of January weighing 20 stone 12.5 pounds with a BMI of 59.7, no hopes or aspirations and only existing. The last 8 months has been the best time of my life, from making so many new friends I know I will have for life, and coming to the realisation that this isn’t just some faddy diet it is a lifestyle change. One part of my journey is already complete because I know my son has had the best healthy start to his life, he is tomato and watermelon addict and I cannot sit down to enjoy a bowl of fruit anymore without been hounded.

In those 31 weeks with hard work and dedication and support from you all, I have only had one gain, I have lost 4 stone 11.5lbs, my BMI has dropped to 41.1 as of last week, I now weigh 16st 1lb, wear a size 16/18 clothes comfortably and I can now run up those stairs without been out of breath. I am almost half way along my journey and loving every single moment. I recently set up a blog to share my journey, what I eat and maybe help to inspire someone who is struggling like I was. The support I have received is crazy, from friends, family, all of you, to people that don’t even know me. I would never have had the confidence before to write or share my recipes with people, before I joined slimming world, now I believe I can do anything, nothing will get in my way of achieving my goals and dreams. Slimming world has opened up my life to things I never even thought possible.

My advice to anyone who has just began their journey sitting here today, is to look at the bigger picture whether you have ½ a stone or 20 stone to loose, visualise the new you and most of all believe in yourself, believe you can do this. I believe now I can do it and I will do it, I love the new me, I feel like a hot mama again.

I am now a happier, healthier, better version of the old me, who loves to laugh and craic jokes not just because she wants to impress or make people like her. I proudly walk out the door now with my gorgeous little man and hold my head high. All my life I asked myself why? Why was I the fat sister, the fat daughter, the fat friend, It wasn’t fair why me?? Because In the last 31 weeks I have concluded that nothing ever goes away until it has thought us what we need to know, life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself. Changing your life and your beliefs is scary, but do you know what’s scarier? Regret! You only get one shot at this, it’s not a dress rehearsal we are living, so find your happiness and be so grateful for it.”

Thank you.







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  1. gillian brophy says:

    Keep going your amazing

    1. Aww thank you so much Gillian xx

  2. Looking fab! Congrats 🙂 P.s love that dress x

    1. Aww thank you so much Joanne, the dress is primark! Xx

  3. Congratulations. I’ve started my slimming world journey tonight!

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