All I Want For Christmas!

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Hi I’m Nicola and I write a Blog called Thenakedblondie! I would like to sincerely apologise for the lack/neglect of actual blog posts the past few weeks, but a spider decided to make its way into my desktop and lay its eggs on my motherboard! But all has now been resolved and I am back up and running with a brand spanking new computer.

The past few weeks have been a little hectic to say the least, I have been posting regularly on my Facebook page and my Instagram account, so you all know where I stand weight-loss wise. To date I have lost a total of 5st 6.5lbs, I am so close to that new shiny sticker now. I think for me now at this stage of my journey its not even about the recognition for me anymore, don’t get me wrong I love having a new certificate to place on my fridge, but for me now its seeing those numbers change every week, entering that new stone range. To date since January I have went through a total of 6 stone brackets. Its incredible really when you sit down and take it all in, but sometimes it takes just that! You need to sit down and evaluate what has happened in the last few months. The summer for me was hard I will admit, with so many things going on Bbq’s, drinks with friends, weekends away, all of those things are a part of life and you have to learn to cope with them. My consultant spoke in class yesterday about how important it is to live your life while loosing weight, that even now she will never turn down any opportunity to have nights out etc. Believe me its a hard thing to try and comprehend when you have your mind focused on standing on a scales 1 day a week and seeing a particular number appear.  But if anything that this summer has thought me is YES you can go away on holidays, meet up with friends, have a life and STILL lose weight! This is the Reason I chose the path I did, not to be on a diet for the rest of my life, why would I or you want to be Thin and Healthy but not be able to enjoy it?? Your Journey is learning to accept and deal with situations that are beyond your control, and turning them into a controlled situation!


Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way …… straight to my 7 stone award! 12 tiny weeks and the countdown is on! I was sat in bed this morning at 7 am, playing Christmas songs as you do, for my 1 year old (yes I am a tiny bit obsessed with Xmas) and it just got me thinking, what do I want? Where would I like to be in 12 weeks time? So I would like 22lbs, my 7 stone award and be in the 13 stone bracket! How are you going to that Nic, I hear you say? I am going to do exactly what I have always done, 100% on plan for 12 weeks, no messing around, hard work and focus. I can and will do it. I say that like I am going to climb Everest, and maybe I will someday!

I have also embarked on the wonderful world of ZUMBA!! I am absolutely loving it, its just such a break away from everything. Even though I do  go with a couple of friends, I love zoning out and not having to think and on the plus side two weeks in I can already see the benefits of showing. My fitness level has changed and my arms legs and waist are changing everyday. I posted on my Facebook page what classes I go to, so if anyone is interested check that post out ‘Zumba Olivia’.

I also have a little bit of exciting news that I have kept to myself for the last few months. This Thursday I am going to be doing my very 1st Food Photo shoot with the wonderful and ever so inspiring Fiona Dillon, you can find her blog under Fiona Dillon Writes and she also has her own book out called ‘Food from an Irish Garden’. I am very excited to have the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Fiona and get as many blogging tips and tricks from her as I can and I am sure her poor head will be wrecked at the end, sorry Fiona xx

I will have a couple of new recipes on the way by the end of the week, professionally shot this time, so I cannot wait to share them with you all. Have a fantastic week guys and dolls, as always its not just the weight you lose, its the life you gain.

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