Back to Basic’s


Hi Guys and Dolls, Happy Halloween!! I am writing this post in reference to the past month or so with my weightloss Journey. As I start to come down in the stone brackets, it is getting ever so hard to get those “Big” losses but last week I think I proved to myself that it really can be done with a loss of 3 pounds and finally being able to say I have lost 5.5 stone (WOW).

This week seen me with a 1/2 a pound gain, nothing I can do about it, that lovely time of the month arrived that morning and I am lucky I wasnt up 4 or 5 lbs. But these are all the things that us as individuals losing weight have to take into consideration, like fluid retention, loose skin etc etc. I am so happy in my own body right now, I may not look like kym Kardashian underneath my clothes but by god am I proud of where I am now to be able to walk into Riverisland and pick a size 14 skinny jeans off the rack!! Or wear my sisters clothes I have never in my life been able to do this. I literally have tears in my eyes right now! When you are on this journey you have to look at bigger picture, you cant go into it and expect to have lost 10 stone in a week or a month. And you certainly cannot expect to look like a “celebrity” having abused your body for years and years! I had so many health issues last January, high blood pressure, borderline diabetes after I had my Son, I couldn’t walk anywhere because I was so unfit and couldn’t breath. These are a small few implications of being 21/22 stone. This is a lot of weight to have on 5ft 2 frame.


Where ever you are on your weightloss Journey believe me there is hope and help and support out there. You could be trying to do this on your own or you could be losing weight with a slimming class but just plodding along hoping to have a few pounds gone for Christmas. Let me tell you now that you can do all the diets in the world but if you dont have that drive or are mentally prepared you will just plod along I know I have been there most of my life losing 1 stone here rejoining and losing half a stone and just give up again. People say to me oh your in the zone Nicola and I say yes for the 1st time in my life I am, I have been waiting for this moment all of my life and its finally here and by god I am grapping it with everything I have got. I will not let anything or anyone stand in my way. I set out in January like I said before with the same attitude well here we go again. But I kept looking at my son and saying you need to see him grow up, you want to be able to run around and play with him, you dont want to be the fat mammy at the school gates and you certainly dont want to loose out on the best years of his life. Please DONT wait until January like I did start NOW and find that little emotion that will guve you that drive and be a constant reminder why you started in the first place. There is no food or alochol worth how I feel right now, but thats the decision I had to make when I began.


Over the next few weeks I will posting some new recipes to help with the lead up to Christmas and keep you on track, I dont care what you do Christmas day I will be enjoying myself for sure, but I know we all have goals and aspirations in the lead up. It is the lead up that can be determental to your weightlosses with Christmas Partys, shopping days, bringing your kids to meet Santa, meeting friends for lunch and drinks. This can all be on plan or so I believe, it will be a learning curve for me to.


Back to basics?? Well this is what I plan to do this week and continue to do so for the next 8 weeks. My basics are my Food Diary, if you follow the slimmingworld plan then you will be familiar with weighing and measuring healthy extras like your cheese, milk, cereals, bread and cooked fruit. I also want to mix up my healthy extras not to just rely on bread or cereal bars 24/7. When I do my shop weigh out my portions of cheese or oats from my allowence for the week ahead so to be prepared when I am busy. The key to any weightloss is preparation. Have your soups or currys batch cooked and in the freezer, your cheese measured in a lunch bag in the fridge so there are no excuses. The next few weeks I think will be very exciting!

Also guys and dolls I just want to take this time to say a couple of things. Thank you all for your amazing support as always it means the world to me. The last thing is I am being constantly asked about slimmingworld Syn values and why they are not displayed on my blog and it is,
1. Because it is a healthy eating and lifestyle blog and is not an addressed at a specific audience it is for anyone trying to lose weight and create a different lifestyle for themselves.
2. Because of the slimmingworld copyright.
3. My products and ingredients may be different from yours they could be higher or lower.
Everytime I make a recipe I get my book out and work this out for myself to mainly protect my weightlosses but to also help me on my journey and to not have to rely on anyone else however right they may be.
I am not ignoring you if you ask me nor am I am not being rude. But my recipes are there for you to use and work out the specific syn values. If you would like any help please PM me. Xx

I hope you all have an amazing week and my new recipe for my Creamy Pumpkin and Veg soup will be live later tonight.

Thank you
Thenakedblondie x

4 thoughts on “Back to Basic’s

  1. Omg Nic this is my favourite nlog entry to date!! Soooo positive and full of drive and ambition, I love it! So inspiring as usual xxx #pompoms xx

  2. I have just come across your blog this morning and I have to say it is great. I’ve been stuck in a rut for a while and even though I want to lose the weight and know how to do it my head just hasn’t been in the right place. So I have been looking for something to give me that final bit of encouragement and I have found that in your blog so thank you very much for that. I hope I have a successful story like you.

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