Creamy Pumpkin/Butternut squash and Vegetable Soup


Happy Halloween everyone! I hope this recipe for my Pumpkin soup gives you an idea for using up those leftover pumpkins! A perfect way to get your batch cook on and have plenty of filling soup in your freezer stocks over the next weeks. This can also be substituted with Butternut Squash too. I hope you all enjoy!



1/2 a  medium pumpkin.
6 large carrots.
1/4 of a medium Turnip or Swede.
1 large onion.
1/4 piece of any cabbge I used white cabbage.
2 cloves of fresh Garlic.
1/4 of a medium cauliflower.
1/4 of a medium head of broccoli.
4 Chicken or veg Stock cubes.
Enough just bolied water to cover veg. Approx 1 litre.
50ml 0f milk per portion.

In a large soup pot or cauldron spray with low calorie cooking spray and fry off the chopped onion.

Add all of the other chopped veg to the pot along with the four stock cubes and cover with the just boiled water.

Leave to simmer for approx 50/60 minutes. Remove from the heat and blend to a smooth consistancy with a hand blender.

This can also be made in a slow cooker, which is perfect to leave simmering overnight and then you have lovely soup to bring with you to work, school etc.

I freeze this in batches or leave in a jug in the fridge and heat as I need it, this is when I add the 50ml of whole milk. If you find the soup is too thick for you I always more boiled water to the blended soup when reheating.

TheNakedBlondie x

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