TheNakedBlondie Christmas Pud ❄


I absolutely adore Christmas Pudding, Plum pudding whatever you desire to call it. I love it with double cream, Icecream on its own, anyway at all, I will have it, yes please and thank you! So obviously this year I am a little bit more aware of the calorie contents of some of my favourite Christmas sweet treats! So I needed to come up with a recipe that suited me and I have literally wrecked my own head trying to come up with something that was not going to break the calorie bank over Christmas or on Christmas day! There were alot of low cal recipes floating around but they were still too high for me so I said well Iv used it for nearly every other recipe I have made why not use Weetabix? Well lets just say I got a tad bit excited this evening when I was taste testing, I kind of jumped around the kitchen and frighted the crap out of the dog Ollie AGAIN!! Well he was in my way I need to do a victory dance, wobble thing. This will literally be the quickest pudding you will ever make! No soaking fruit for days on end and no steaming all day! So here it is, enjoy and as always sweethearts its not just the weight you loose it’s the life you gain we need to be able to do those victory dances and rock around the Christmas tree. 🎄


Makes 1 pint or four 1/4 pint individual  puddings.

4 Wheat biscuits.
4 eggs.
2 tbsp of mixed Spice
1 tsp of ground ginger.
1 tsp of cinnamon.
50g of Sultanas or Raisins.
50g of mincemeat.
30g of sweetener.
25g of plain flour.
150g of fat free natural yogurt.
2 tsp’s of baking powder.
Grated zest of 1 orange.
Grated zest of half a lemon.
50ml of warm tea or if feeling festive 50ml of stout.
1 pint pudding bowl with lid or 4 1/4 pint pudding bowls with lids.
Grease proof paper.

Firstly I make the tea and leave the sultanas to plump up about 1 hour veforw hand you can of course leave overnight.

Bring the kettle to the boil while preparing your mix. In a bowl crumble the wheat biscuits to a fine crumb.

Add spices, yogurt, eggs, mincemeat, sweetener, zest, flour, baking powder and sultanas with the tea to the bowl and mix well in a food mixer or with an electric whisk or hand held whisk.

Scrape and press the mixture into the prepared pudding basin, squish it down and put on the lid. Then wrap with a layer of grease proof paper and foil, (probably not necessary, but I do it as I once had a lid-popping and water-entering experience when steaming a pudding) so that the basin is watertight, then either put the basin in the pan of boiling water (to come halfway up the basin) or in the top of a lidded steamer and steam for 2.5 hours hours for the large pud and 1.5 hours for the smaller ones, checking every now and again that the water hasn’t bubbled away.

Remove from the saucepan or steamer and leave to cool. I would suggest making this only a few days before Christmas it will not be like a normal pudding which will last from months because of the alcohol etc. but will last a bit longer in your press because of the flour. I made this two days ago and had some last night and it was scrumptious. I definitely will be making lots and feezing some too 😉

Enjoy and Merry Christmas 🎄
Thenakedblondie x

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