“New Year, New me”


Hello 2015!!

What a year 2014 was, some of you will only be joining me for the 1st time and some of you know me better than I know myself!  Wow 2014, it really did give me far more than I asked of it ,but it also gave me such wonderful prosperity for 2015. I want this year to be just as successful and reach my target and say yes Nic you finally did it! I want alot of things of course, I have always been a dreamer and would lie in bed for hours just dreaming of looking slimmer, what people would say, the oohs the aahs, you get the picture. 20 something stone, depressed, afraid to go out, dreaming the dreams other people were living. Well do you know what I did, I got out of that bed, got up off my 21 stone ass and turned those dreams into a reality. You and only you can WANT to do this, I cant do it for you, your family, friends, partner, husband, girlfriend etc. you get where I am going with this ….. but what I am here to do is to support, encourage and share my lovely little recipes to help you achieve your dreams!


I have so many ideas for Thenakedblondie this year but I would love to hear your feedback also, what posts you would like to see or if you would be interested in subscribing to a weekly or monthly utube channel, thenakedblondie hits utube?? I definitely may work on my accent!!! You, thenakedblondie followers are what feeds this blog so I would only love to hear from you! You can pm me on my facebook page, thenakedblondie or you can send me an email to  thenakedblondie@gmail.com!

This week I will have a couple of delicious recipes to get you back into the swing of things and maybe a new sweet treat to keep the sugar cravings away! I hope you all have an amazing 1st week of the new year! As I said today dont wait for that perfect moment, there is no perfect moment, you have to grab it with both hands because I spent far too many January’s saying theres another year wasted! No matter how much weight you have to lose and how ever long it will take you to lose it, does not matter because you know what that time will pass anyway!

Thenakedblondie x


6 thoughts on ““New Year, New me”

  1. YouTube videos is a great idea. You are indpiration to many people and I’m sure it will be success 😀. Go for it girl, there is nothing stopping you now. Best of luck with your New Year resolutions and you will get there in no time with your determination xxx

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