Whats in my Basket? “TheStyleShaper”

I dont know about you but I love to snoop and see what someone is buying in their weekly shopping! And dont get me started about the fridge oh there is just something about a full fridge! It is just such a sence of pride and comfort to know that if 20 foot of snow fell in the morning my fridge, freezer and larder are full to the brim! Once a month I will do a big shop and stock up on all of my basics, like passata, stock cubes etc. Then weekly I buy fresh fruit, veg and meat. I like to think of myself as a “Smart Shopper” and I will look at all of the leaflets and mini magazines and work out where I can buy things cheaper and where has the best offers on that week! Generally for my Monthly shop I do that in Aldi because I find it much cheaper for spices, cans of tomatoes etc. For my weekly shop it will be either Supervalu or lidl maybe Tesco at a push if they have good deals. But I also like to shop local and support the town I live in and of course I like to support my local butcher too because he does amazing 98% exlean beef mince, 20 skinless chicken pieces for €5 and turkey sausages.


My basic montly “Stock up” shopping list would be as follows:

Oyster sauce
Sweet chilli sauce
Soy sauce
Worcestershire Sauce
Chicken/Veg/beef stock cubes.
Tinned tomatoes
Extra light mayo
Low calorie cooking spray
Tins of Beans/Chickpeas
Tinned Tuna/salmon
Frozen peas/sweetcorn
Frozen quorn
Fresh Chicken fillets to freeze.
Bread, Weightwatchers Pittas/Aldi Gluten free rolls/Ryvita. I buy my pittas and rolls in bulk and freeze them 😉


My basic Weekly Shop is as follows:

Diary products, Cheese/fat free yogurts/Quark/milk/Cheese triangles.
Fresh Veg, Broccoli, Carrots, onions, celery, butternut squash, peppers, cauliflower, leeks, swede. Generally whats in season.
Fresh fruit, Bananas, apples, clementines, Melon, strawberrys. These are the fruits I like at the minute.
A whole Chicken
A fillet of ham
Low syn sausages
Eggs!! Like definitely 2/3 packs of 18_24 I eat alot and I use them for baking.
Nappies/babywipes/formula, I have a great recipe coming up actually which includes all 3 of them its called how to cope with a toddler ;)😂


Thats whats in my basket! I hope this will help you all when doing your shopping, there is such a taboo when it comes to Healthy Eating that food is so expensive but if you were to sit down and work out all the takeaways, the petrol station pitstops, etc etc the list is endless how expensive would that be?? It is far cheaper to shop smart and shop healthy. You and your family will benfit in so many ways. This week I cooked a midweek Roast dinner for all my family which was 5 adults and 1 toddler. It cost me €14 in total €4.02 for the Chicken, €7 for a large fillet of ham and some fresh top up veg. My Dad got a dinner for next day and I have a fridge full of cooked meat for picking and lunches over the weekend. It is much cheaper and healthier to buy the whole Chicken cook it and shred it up, than buying packets of processed meats.

I also wanted to announce that from now on, once every month my Sister Jen “Thestyleshaper” will be popping in and out of TheNakedBlondie to advise and share her expert fashion knowledge for Women and Men who now have a new Shape and body to dress. She will help and support you if you have any fashion querys with your new shape if you have a special occasion or are just looking for that perfect pair of jeans that your so desperately looking for to show off your new body. Jen is my one and only baby sister there is just the two of us we are as thick as thieves and fight like a bag of cats but she is an amazing support to me. She will be popping in to introduce herself and share with you her journey and incredible transformation.


I am so excited for the prosperity of 2015 and all it holds for me as person and my growing blog. Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for your outstanding support you have shown me already this year, its not always easy trying to juggle being a Mama, partner, sister, daughter, friend, ME, all whilst sharing this amazing Journey with you all, I really do my upmost to respond to everyone and sometimes there just isnt enough time in the day, but I can tell you what its worth it, every single second of everyday you make it worth it. We WILL all do this because its not just the weight you loose its the life you gain. 💞

TheNakedBlondie x

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