Stewed Rhubarb


I have been asked numerous times the past few weeks about my latest Rhubarb obsession, so I thought it only fitting that I now share the secret to well, why I think it is just the most amazing superfood ever! As of late I have been trying to use have my allocated treats in a healthier way and why not revisit my childhood and have some beautiful stewed fruits and be full after a big bowl for a few cals rather than sitting down to a tiny piece of chocolate or other junk thats gone in two seconds? It makes sense! I started this journey to educate myself on good food practice and healthy eating so my family would reep the rewards, so my Son would grow up knowing the benefits of good healthy food making it his 1st choice. Thats why in this big journey to “Target” I know I can’t fail, why? because this is for life, its not race but a very enjoyable and always suprising adventure. It has taken until now to accept that but isn’t acceptance the key to any journey? We can get so caught up in the “Rat Race” (the race to the scales) that like life itself sometimes you need to step back and smell the roses, look up at the sky and watch the clouds float by. If this journey is for life it needs to be an enjoyable experience not panic stations worrying about a specific number!

So back to the rhubarb (excuse the ramble) Rhubarb is not only a yummy fruit or vegetable well that is to be argued, but it has also been used in Chinese medicine for 100s of years. It is very low calorie coming in at about 21 cals per 100g. It can be stewed (boiled in water) roasted, flavoured and added to pies and desserts. My favourite of course is stewing and serving with some beautiful strained fat free greek yogurt with some honey stirred in. Heres how I do mine➡



1 bunch of Rhubarb
1 tbsp of Vanilla extract or 1 vanilla bean
Juice of half a lemon
2 tbsp of Stevia/sweetener or honey
3/4 tbsp of Water


Begin by preparing the rhubarb itself, I cut off the leaves and ends, wash under cold water to remove any grit and chop into 1 inch pieces.

Add to a saucepan along with the vanilla, lemon juice, your sweetener of choice and the water. You will not need anymore as the rhubarb itself is full of juice. Don’t do like me and cover with water as if boiling potatoes, the ‘Mammy’ was quickly called.

Place on a low heat, covered and all to stew or break down slowly, if you boil it the water will evaporate too quickly and you will have a black pot.

When the Rhubarb is done it should be without any lumps and look fibrous.

I portion mine out into 100g each and store in the fridge to be enjoyed whenever I feel like a sweet treat.

It must also be mentioned that you can do so many variations with the flavours, cinnamon, ginger, strawberry extract but to name a few.

I was also inspired to create a beautiful oaty crumble topping to create a new texture and it really was a lovely treat!


For the crumble➡
25g of self raising flour
15g of oats
20g of butter or Marg
2 tsp of Caster Sugar

Add all of the ingredients together in a bowl and rub together with the tips of your fingers until it forms a breadcrumb texture.

Sprinkle on top of waterever stewed fruit you wish.



TheNakedBlondie x

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessie Lou says:

    Could I use frozen rhubarb? I grew it last year and froze it as had too much! Plus could you give me a weight for a ‘bunch’ due to my rhubarb being cut x

    Thank you love your posts
    ❤️ SW

    1. Oh yes most definitely of you just measure it out into 100g portions when cooked you will work any values that way xx

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