The Big without the Mac ;) Gluten free Burger salad!


Serves 2 people


500g of Extra lean beef mince or vegetarian alternative. (Quorn)

1 tsp of Fresh/dried garlic

Salt and pepper to your own taste.

1 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce.

1/2 head of Iceberg lettuce.

6 Sliced Gerkins

1 Finely diced onion

4 Cheese slices

2 tbsp of ketchup

Homemade Burger Sauce

1 tbsp. of extra light mayo

1 tsp of chili sauce

1/2 tsp of French’s American style mustard.

1 tsp of tomato paste.

½ clove of grated/crushed/dried garlic

1 tbsp of fat free greek style yogurt.

1 tbsp of water.


effect. Enjoy 😉

Fry the extra lean mince with the garlic, salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce until browned. Serve it over the shredded Iceberg lettuce, topped with the cheese slices, burger sauce, ketchup and sprinkled with the gerkins and diced onion.

It is amazing and I promise you it has all the flavor and doesn’t even being to compare to the amount of calories that most high-street takeaway outlets.


TheNakedBlondie x

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  1. Love your honesty, well done you

    1. Aww thank you Katherine x

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