Woman Of The Year 2015


Here we are again! Another year over and still as nervous! This day last year was one of the most elated times in my Slimmingworld journey. I would like to apologise to siobhan for the overuse of tissues and having the group in a state of unstable emotions!! 😂

Firstly I would like to congradulate my stunning fellow nominees, Clodagh, Michelle and Marion, what amazing women you all are, a constant support and inspiration to everyone and I am so proud to be standing here with you all today! Secondly to Siobhan, who never gave up on me! She is always there when I need her. She is my support network but not my crutch! Because afterall only I can do this!! You really are an amazing strong and beautiful woman Mrs. Grufferty!!

So my journey! How have I managed to get to where I am! Simply because I have never given up! I am not going to splutter and ramble but merly share with you today why I have and never will give up!

All my life I have been the bigger girl, sister, daughter, Partner, friend…. from baby to child, teenager to January 13th 2014. Its not that I didn’t want to lose weight, I dreamed and wished it every single day! I would look on in envy at my sister buying clothes, taking selflessly for granted wherever she liked. While I was pushed into a small section of a shop that catered for plus size woman. It hurt to walk, I was breathless, I broke toilet seats, I only went out when necessary and I lived to eat.


My whole life began to change in February 2013 when I 1st found out I was pregnant. Little did I know then that the scrumptious, divil of a toddler I have now would save my life. He was born on September 17th at 9.23am just so perfect from head to toe weighing 7lbs 8ozs, while his Mama weighed the most she ever had in her life, 22 stone 1lb wearing size 26/28!! I knew I had to change!! Like any mother I wanted him to have the best start, to eat the Rainbow, for me to be able to run and play with him, to be proud to see his Mama at the school gates! I knew I couldn’t do that at 22 stone!


So on January 13th I walked through SlimmingWorld Athy doors! AGAIN! For what seemed the 100th time. I will never forget the anxiety and worry that I had built up, thinking what will Siobhan and the girls on the social team think of me? Would I loose weight? Would I stick with it? Petrified of failure!!


Well I did!! Here I am a year and half later over 7 stone gone forever!! Taking each day as it comes, everyday might not be perfect but there is some good in everyday and thats ok because no one is perfect! One thing I have learned is not being too hard on yourself! The scales are only a number that measure your relationship with gravity 😂 what they don’t measure is strength, agility, fitness, inch loss and how bloody amazing you really are!! Some weeks are harder than others but you have to enjoy life!

On September 17th I decided I wasn’t going to just exist anymore, I wanted to LIVE!! It was my wake up call!! So by god I got up off my 22 stone ass, stoppedΒ  dreaming and wishing for it, and grabbed life by the balls!!! I may only have two fried eggs left 😂 but I now eat to live. I can walk for miles when I feel like it, I comfortably wear size 12/14 clothes, I can run around and enjoy my almost 2 year old toddler!

Joining slimmingworld was the best decision I have ever made. My baby boy was my wake up call and I have saved my life, in just over a year!!

So for anyone struggling, just joined or thinking of joining. Let this be your day to BELIEVE in yourself! Let this be your day to accept that this is how you will eat for the rest of your life, let this be your day to grab life by the balls! Because I promise, do that, you cannot fail!
Today is a fabulous celebration, not just for us four, but all of us who have the want to TRY!! Me standing here today I am no different than anyone else I am just a girl who decided to go for it!! Here is to the next chapter and I cannot wait!!

Thank you xx


TheNakedBlondie x

18 thoughts on “Woman Of The Year 2015

  1. Wow that is brilliant Nicola. And congratulations to you for you massive achievement. I’m so happy for you. I was nominated to be a woman of the year in my group.
    And although I didn’t win, it is not going to stop me. Here I come for better myself and never give up. You are amazing. I love reading your blogs and I hope that there will be some videos on YouTube to follow soon. Go for it hun xxx

  2. That’s an amazing story…I’ve joined SW a few times but never stuck for longer than a few months…after reading ur story and I’ve been following ur snaps recently I’m going to give it another go!!! Thanks a mill 😍😍😍

  3. Wow nic, u had me in tears. Amazing articulation of emotions . I’m so delighted for you. I don’t think my little comment will compare to what iv just read. Well done and keep grabbing life by the balls xxxπŸŽŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. Outstanding achievement Nic, love your blog and FB page thanks for all of the recipes (by the way you have way more than fried eggs left, believe me). Congrats

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