Hearthy Traditional Irish Coddle With A Twist!


Coddle is a huge traditional Irish dish and is native to Co.Dublin. Which I believe even dates back to the 1700’s. Generally it was used to make a stew made from leftovers, (I adore leftovers) but now more frequently used are sausages, rashers (bacon), potato and onion. I know my grandmother and Grandaunt made a stew like this always on a Monday with leftover meat from Sunday lunch. You will have to forgive this Kildare girl, mine is a tad different but using all the basics and maybe a few extras thrown in for good measure! I have used the Slim Valley fresh foods slimmers coddle pack which you can buy here ➡http://www.slimvalleyfreshfoods.com

If placing an order with this butchers always check they deliever to your area or you can visit their shop in Coolock Co.Dublin.



Slim Valley Slimmers coddle pack.
4 large carrots.
1/2 a butternut squash cubed.
1/4 of a small Turnip/Swede.
1 tbsp of fresh or dried garlic.
2 chicken stock cubes.
1 vegetable stock cube.
100g of pearl barley or dried soup mix.
100g of frozen peas. (Couple of handle fulls will do)
2 medium potatoes per person.
Salt and pepper to your own liking.
1 spring onion to garnish per serving.
1 litre of water or enough to just come up to the top of the veg.

“If you are not using the slim valley pack I would start the soup base off with finely diced onion and celery”


Everyone has there own way of cooking the sausages, you can brown them in the pan or just add to the broth. I took the sausage meat from the casings and made each one into a mini sausage meatballs. I fried in my pan with low calorie cooking spray and then the same for the rashers.

This is basically a one pot wonder so once you have the prep done then its all thrown into the pot and left to simmer for 1.5 hours with the stock cubes and all veg and meat. This can also be prepped and cooked in the slow

The idea of adding the butternut squash is that it breaks down after a certain amount of cooking and creates the most wonderful brothy soup. Along with the pearl barley or soup mix it is a natural thickner for the coodle. (I like thickened stew) if you like to cook you’re potato in a stew I would add them half way through the cooking.


When the coddle is ready to be reheated or just before serving that is when I add my frozen peas. This is perfect for batch freezing so you have some there ready and waiting when you just don’t have the time or energy for making your favourite coddle.


I really hope you will try my version Dublin Coddle and enjoy it as much as my family and I.

TheNakedBlondie x

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