Nutella Fudge Brownie Bites

           🎃HAPPY HALLOWEEN🎃


I absolutely can not take all the credit for these beauties as they are adapted from a video on facebook I seen a couple of months ago. But! They are incredibly morish and a perfect ‘low cal’ treat this coming Halloween weekend or even coming into the Christmas season for finger food ideas. I made them recently for a taster at my Slimmingworld group and they were a big hit! I will say eat liberally and with caution. They are so good and it would be very easy to just eat the whole batch! If you want to prepare the bites ahead of time they freeze perfectlyand can be defrosted the night before you require them. Best of all they contain only 3 ingredients, yes only 3!!


Makes 48 mini brownie bites or 12 large pumpkin cakes!


250g of Nutella
3 eggs
100g of Self raising flour.


Low calorie cooking spray
Iceing sugar to dust if you wish.



1. Preheat you’re oven to 195°c and spray a brownie tin with low calorie cooking spray.

2. Add the weighed and measured Nutella, eggs and flour to a bowl and mix well.

3. Add to the prepared tin and place in the oven @185°c for 10 to 12 minutes. Checking them at 10 minutes. When done they will still have a little gooey layer on top which is just how you want them.

4. Remove from the oven and allow to cool fully before cutting and removing from the tin. As you can see from the pictures I used a silicone mould I picked up with pumpkin faces and used the same recipe to make these brownie pumpkin cakes. To be enjoyed by all this All Hallows Eve, mwhahahahahahaha……………🎃



TheNakedBlondie x

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