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  1. Ber Carley says:

    The chicken breast – how do you cook it ? Pan? Oven? Mine always turn out tasteless & dry. (For when you put in wrap..) ta. Am doing SW too👍

    1. I cook mine in the oven Ber with the skin on 😉

  2. Heidi isaac says:

    you are great I just am inspired by you thank you I have been so I’ll now on recovery x

    1. Aww thank you so much Heidi wishing you a speedy recovery!! Remember that one small change tomorrow will chnage all of your tomorrows xxx

  3. carmel says:

    Hi missy I never tried rubarb so definitely goin to this week could you please tell me how you cook it and for how long please
    Carmel xx

    1. Just chop it add it to a saucepan with 2 tbsp of water per bunch and sweetener or sugar to taste. You will know its cooked when the pieces have all broken down x

  4. naomiodonnell says:

    Hi, your recipes look really great can’t wait to try some but just wondering do u add the sun values of meals/foods u make when you post then up?

    1. No doll I don’t my blog is there for anyone on a weightloss journey so they can work out values points units or cals etc xx

  5. Aideen says:

    im looking to follow your website but cannot find it can you email it to me please

    1. This is my blog Aideen the follow button should appear at the top of the page x

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