Diet Orange Sweet and Sour Chicken

If like me you love Sweet and Sour from your local Chinese, you need to make this! It is so quick and simple, a perfect midweek treat! Serves 4 Ingredients 4 lean Chicken fillets. 1/2 a red, green and yellow pepper. 1/2 a large sweet spanish onion. 1/2 a punnet of button mushrooms. 20 mangetout. 1 Tube of tomato Puree. 350mlsmls of Diet/Zero Orange. 1 … Continue reading Diet Orange Sweet and Sour Chicken

“TheNakedBlondie Peanut Butter Cups”

So you may have guessed by now I am a little bit of a chocoholic, and have often been found with my rear end sticking out of the cupboard, spoon in hand, eating Chocolate hazelnut spread from the jar, I have problems I know! I am in love with the combination of peanut butter and chocolate, but why waste all of those precious calories on the commercial … Continue reading “TheNakedBlondie Peanut Butter Cups”

“Cherry Bakewell Crumble” Tray Bake.

This recipe was inspired by my love of those little Bakewell buns with the cherry on top and luscious layer of jam and icing. However they are lovely as a treat once in while but not to be had everyday while trying to improve you lifestyle with better eating. You may already be familiar with the flour-less sponge recipe so here I have adapted this recipe … Continue reading “Cherry Bakewell Crumble” Tray Bake.