‘Oaty Chocolate Orange Brownies’

I am the biggest chocoholic ever, and will often sit down in the evening and indulge in a few squares of that silky coco goodness. But that’s it, its only a few squares and hey I need more than that to satisfy my cravings. It was then that I discovered my recipe for my gluten and wheat free brownies. My slimming group had being raving … Continue reading ‘Oaty Chocolate Orange Brownies’

Sizzling Lamb Koftas with roasted vegetables and a Hot and Spicy CousCous salad!!

My love of food spans through many cultures, I am opened minded and I will defiantly try anything once! I love how versatile this recipe is, Lamb Koftas have been served all over the world for hundreds of years as street food and would be served as kebab style on a fresh tortilla wrap with a crunchy salad, but here I have put my own … Continue reading Sizzling Lamb Koftas with roasted vegetables and a Hot and Spicy CousCous salad!!

Mexican Chicken Fajita Bowls

How about a lovely mexican mid week treat?? I guess your thinking I am mad but who said mexican food had to be calorific? It is all about how you cook it! I needed something quick, easy and tasty this evening so I came up with this little beauty. Normally fajitas are served with high calorie side dishes and tortillas but here you have it all in … Continue reading Mexican Chicken Fajita Bowls

Italian Inspired Chicken Salad

I love all things Italian, including the men, I actually think I may have fallen more for the ‘Italian Men’ and then the food but that’s another story! But back to point, I just love a good salad even before I began my new eating plan but please don’t serve me two pieces of browning lettuce leaves and a carrot stick and a few dry … Continue reading Italian Inspired Chicken Salad